To question the status quo is not a crime but a virtue

„Doubt is one of the foundations of Western society. While it was considered a weakness or sin in the dark ages of the Middle Ages, it is now an essential part of progress and democracy. Consequently, the doubters are suppressed by autocratic regimes, while they are cherished by open systems .“

08.02.2015, Mathias Müller von Blumencron, Munich, online FAZ

A more grotesque distortion of the facts cannot be imagined. In no political system in historical times „doubters“, dissidents, free spirits and independent thinkers were defamed and persecuted in so absolute consequence as in the liberal-democratic „religion“ of the „Western society“.

Never in the history of the world there was such a level of intolerance and spiritual tyranny in the self-delusion to be „infallible“ and to be „indispensable“, as it is continuing in the so-called „Western community of values“.

The blog „dissidence“ was born from the motivation that it may not be possible for the „Western community of values“, to subdue the free and independent spirit of the human individual to total control. Get involved: Independent thinking, independent action, the knowledge of truth and essence of things is not a „crime“ in the sense of the dogma of the „Western community of values“, but a fundamental right.

We welcome texts and articles  in English. We will also translate some  basic texts in this language.


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